Tuesday 15 November 2016

500 Värska 2005 and 2016

I happened to visit this place last summer after having visited Mikitamäe. When planning my trip I just thought why not go there, besides, it had been in my mind for quit some time. I found one of the most beautiful block areas! So it is very much worth of the post nr. 500.


The nice block area under the pines. I started by going further down the (main) street and then turned around and came back between houses.

I like this house, it's like classics.

Nice colours.

At the end was this newer and bigger house with probably more than one function.

On the other side of the street was this nice school.

Very nice renovation.

And here is like another block area out of the forest.

On the way out I saw this modern building.

Värska Sanatoorium. It is further away from the town itself. I may go and take a look of this house again, it looks very cool.

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