Tuesday 18 October 2016

483 Hiiu, Kivimäe and Pääsküla in Nõmme 2014, part 2 of 2

24.06.14 (continuation)

These blocks look like in Variku in Tartu or in Vastse-Kuuste. Behind them is Pääsküla bog near by. Actually these are already in Pääsküla.

So here are the hidden blocks.

This place is mesmerising.

It is like another version of those red at Ilmarise street.

The surrounding 2 blocks, seemingly built later, don't fit into such area.

Very cool view towards Pääsküla bog.

This looks like a dream of 1970's.

One more view of medical house in Hiiu.

Ilmarise street bricks from a path bordering Pääsküla bog.


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