Saturday 14 May 2016

436 Vilkpėdė 03.05.2011, part 1 of 3

This area was right next to Naujamiestis. Maybe it is actually still Naujamiestis... Here I saw the typical blocks of Lithuania first time. As a notable difference, many of them were built of yellow bricks. Blocks in Latvia also had some colour in Latvia, but in Estonia, they were built mostly grey, except the end of 1980's.

This building was another one I just stared in amazement.

So beautiful view.

These buildings remind me Latvian ones but they are certainly different.

Some other region far away, yet to be visited.

Wow, I had never seen anything like that, such a creativity!

My dear friend didn't recognise me as a friend, unfortunately. Generally I saw here less cats walking around than in Rīga.

Later I went to the other side too.

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