Monday 9 May 2016

434 Antakalnis in May 2011

I decided to finally upload all the block and other photos I have taken in Lithuania, and there are lots of them. Actually, because there are so many of them, I have postponed uploading them. Most photos are taken in Vilnius and Kaunas, and there will be photos from two other cities as well which I drove through on the bus but can't remember their names and perhaps I didn't knew already back then.

It happened first time in Vilnius that I started enjoying architecture from roughly 80-150 years back because it was so incredibly nice there. That's why there will be not only photos of soviet-time bricks and blocks but also of those older buildings.

Another thing that happened there: I saw examples of more modern architecture that was so amazing that I was standing in front of the building and repeated in my head: that cannot be, that is impossible, how can anyone even think of such building and then built it?

Perhaps needless to say but still: majority of bricks and blocks are different from other Baltic countries. There is some similarity to Latvian blocks though.


Such a majestic building.

This is the style that caught my attention there. I don't know the name of this style.



One thing that I noticed, if not that time then certainly later, was that many Lithuanian words remind something in Estonian, they are just few letters different, and of course have completely different meaning. Like this word when changed a bit would be "taisöökla" in Estonian, not too far from "taisykla". Google told me this means "repair shop" but the Estonian fantasy-version means "lean meat canteen" which even makes some sense as a whole phrase. But when changing one more letter then it would be "täisöökla" and this already means "louse canteen" :)

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