Wednesday 27 April 2016

426 Veerenni and Luite 2012-2016

More photos of this area.


This house looks so cozy and nostalgic.

Veerenni 58A in the centre.

Views from this building again. Below there are photos of this house after renovation.

Also far away views from Veerenni58A.


Pärnu road.

I'm not sure about the location of the yellow house but further away there are ships on sea.

Now photos from evening, repeating photos above.
Äripäev house at Pärnu road.

Moetänav (Fashion street) behind Baltika building. The emptiness in the right is gone by now, there's a new house called Norway house or something similar.

The area and a little bit of surrounding from plane.
Here Veerenni area is in the left, Ülemiste järv (Ülemiste lake) houses in the right.

There's going to be a very nice office house soon close to that row of buildings.

Many houses that are in the left were shown in the previous post.


View from this house.

I can't find the photo of this former gas station, it used to be white and abandoned. The colours in this and previous pictures are no good together. But hamburgers from this place,, is quite good.

New star of this area, the store-shop house of ESPAK.

Sublime and unreachable as beauty.

Norway house (Norra maja,

Baltika quarter in front of it (available from the same link as previous).

New statistics house (

View along Veereni street.

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