Wednesday 20 January 2016

404 Jõgeva 27.04.2014, part 1 of 4

Here's my thorough walk in a beautiful and sunny town called Jõgeva, north of Tartu, centre of the county.

This was probably the original waiting hall for railway passengers.

And this one in front of it looks similar to the one in Tartu, although this one here should be original whereas in Tartu it was all rebuilt during the renovation.

Few more photos from the centre area. There will be more later.

I'm not sure about this view. On one hand, the place has been given a new look but on the other hand, it's foreign and feels vaguely empty. Soviet time style even from 1950's with bigger bushes, benches and with rectangular base was much warmer. Anyway, whatever there is, it's better if it's new than abandoned and obsolete.

That building cries for colour change.

Such a nice nostalgic area!

I like that closeness with old.

There's a similar row of such houses in Tartu, at the beginning of Tiigi street where they have 5 floors I think.

I reached a local hill inside the town.

"Pirri-Mirrikene, no mis siis eile juhtus?"

And I reached one of the biggest block area which was a really really pleasent experience!

Such a gorgeous view!

One of the best views here. 1980's in the left, 1989-1992 or so in the right. It's the other side of the hill.

Dream of 1970's.

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