Sunday 18 October 2015

383 Berlin 19.04.2014, part 1 of 2

It was a surprise to see so much nice blocks and block-like houses in Berlin. I didn't have any plan to visit any special area so pictures here are random, seen when I was walking around. First photos are from bus window.

A little bit of cool minimalism from the airport.

I haven't seen such idea before.

Such an ugly block with ugly colour! OK, if it is from 1970's then I understand and kind of accept but if it is built later then it is a disaster.

It happened that I saw this building later too when I was walking.


This one, Messehalle or something, is amazing and big building, architectural masterpiece. It looks like it was built in 1980's. It is right next to the coach station.

Nice: dandelions didn't blossom in Estonia yet but here they already did. And of course, there was so much more green everywhere.

This house overlooked a park with a pond or lake and naked people walked and sunbathed there.

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