Friday 31 October 2014

302 Belgrade (Београд/Beograd) 08.07.2013, part 1 of 2

I introduce a fascinating city: Belgrade. I've already noticed in the past that architecture in Serbia is amazing, so incredibly amazing. The architects there are geniuses. Before that, I've noticed this in Vilnius, but Serbian architecture was much more than that. Last year I saw that by myself, although it was just a quick peek into it. In this and next three posts there is a short introduction of this wonderful world of architecture.

All photos in this post are taken from bus window.

Roofs. I noticed that roofs have got a special attention in Serbia. It's a whole new chapter :) Even many simple houses had complex roof design.

This is Genex Tower / Western City Gate from 1977 (

Very typical and very nice.

Such a complex and original design!

Pearl of the day: Палата Србије / Palata Srbije (Palace of Serbia). By this article, it is the largest building in Serbia by the underlying area.

Such design from 1940's!

Time travel back to early 1950's... Amazingly cool design. If you like this, you may also like this page, showing examples of the coolest and nicest design ever:

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