Friday 26 September 2014

281 Paldiski 08.09.2007

This place is almost full of blocks. A small town 50 km from Tallinn, a closed military town in soviet time, known for its submarines and nuclear stuff. Sillamäe was another town like that back then.

Department store.

And its left side.

Both sides full of balconies! Smaller than usual I would say.

That is nice. When I saw that, I thought why there aren't such nice renovations in Tallinn.

Similar blocks are in Hiinalinn in Tartu.

This is very typical in Rakvere, there's one in Mustamäe too, and also in Pelguranna, and in some other places.

Former Marat factory house. I used to take care of their IT when this was still working, but I have never visited this place before.

Railway station.

I found a dear friend.

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