Wednesday 24 September 2014

276 Kurtna 23.07.2014

This small place was really worth visiting, although my main purpose was just to see that famous architectural pearl (that everybody knows). Surprise: the place had a variety of different bricks and blocks.

That's what I saw when approaching, quite amazing.


Standard, but always beautiful and enjoyable.

That looks very interesting!

The fantastic colours.

Such a beauty! By both colours and architecture.

There is one such (similar) in Veriora, and there was at least one more place that I have forgotten... It's from the end of 1980's: two-floor apartments. Something luxurious.

And this is the pearl, now a hotel which I didn't know. Very fortunately, I read that the outer form of this hasn't been changed as it has happened with many other such buildings.

Way out to Kiisa.

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