Monday 25 August 2014

266 Põlva in 2009-2010

This is inside the Põlva coach station. I remember this from childhood, but here there are late pictures after some renovation inside. I think this is a nice example of architecture from the end of 1980's / beginning of 1990's.

As you can see in post nr. 56, two years ago the benches were set in another direction.

This part outside the coach station is new. Before, there was a unique long concrete or brick house that was for waiting buses. It had a nice architecture, and I haven't seen anything like that later. So sad that it was taken down so early and I don't have any photo of it. Google image search didn't gave any picture either.

There was another building there, a one floor office building where I have been to many times, also from 1980's I think. Right next to it was a smaller newer building with small supermarket. Both of them were taken down and the new bigger one in the right was built. It's empty place is seen in photos two years ago (post nr. 56).

Coach station from a distance.

Railway station, not in use as that anymore. Built in 1930's I think.

This is actually in Rosma (or right next to Rosma) -- a village right next to Põlva.

This is beautiful!

Uma pido ( A festival for Võro language and culture. Uma pido means "(Our) own party".

There were strange folks too.

I entered Põlva from Võru side.

I am not sure if I have seen something like that before.

When I checked that next time, it was just gone. And if I recall it right, it wasn't Karja street but Võru street where this was.

Soviet time memorial.

This park was different in soviet time. It's been modernised like everything.

Want to guess, what's that? A culture house. It doesn't look good for that purpose, but it's big.

Former central post office, maybe still is.

Department store in the centre from behind.

Children meal: Baked dinosaurs with fried potatoes (2.25€). Sounds spooky.

This is in one of the block areas: houses which I remember when they were built.

A very special apartment with very special memories.

Nice to see Võro sign. This was mentioned in the Uma leht too (

One of the nicest blocks in Põlva. It is renovated to bright green by now (will be seen in the next post).

Front of railway station before the new modern waiting platform with a different height was built.

And a train came which are no longer in use.


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