Friday 1 August 2014

259 Manchester 07.2010, part 2 of 3


It looks like BBC logo was slanted in the past, wasn't it?

Actually I was looking for tourist information centre. I saw from somewhere that it had to be somewhere in the centre (perhaps by the address), but couldn't find it. Then I went to the place that was shown in my map. And saw this:
I wanted to ask them where can I put my luggage because so far I had two backpacks with me. Something that I will never do again. It was a really bad exercise for my shoulders and back. I found the Visitor Centre at last and it turned out I had passed it already few times. Why I didn't notice it then? Because it was so incredibly modern that I immediately considered it as an expensive shoe store or something like that, not even bothering any signs. Either from there or from somewhere else, I got to know that I can keep my luggage in railway station. So I went there.

These trams made interesting signalling sounds, I later recorded it. Later I heard something very similar in Tallinn when we got new Stadler trains.

But it turned out that keeping luggage costs 4£ per hour which is just ridiculous (and who knows, maybe that was per 1 kg). I left, but my shoulders were hurting. Has luggage become something so dangerous today that it cannot be kept anywhere for a reasonable price? In Tallinn, it is, or was, 1€ for the whole day, and there are special boxes for that in the port and in coach station. Anyway, the architecture was very nice and there was so much to see and enjoy.

I was reaching this nice area, but had to leave because I had to get to my CS host eventually and decided to walk to the edge part of the city.

MEN Arena - Manchester Evening News Arena. Whatever it is.

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