Sunday 30 March 2014

224 Kääriku in July 2013

One of my favourite places in Estonia... Architecture and memories about this place are so nice. My first visit to Kääriku was in 2002 for the algebra workshop, and I have participated in that every year after that (it was (re)started with this event a year before), and it took place here several times later. They have plans to renew the whole group of buildings.


Same stairs in next three pictures.

Former farm-houses were rebuilt for sportsmen by adding second floor and so on.

So this one is also an old farm-house or cottage-house, with an added second floor.

Here you can see the original. There is a lot of information inside of the eating house.

Remarkable doors and view.

The floor if absolutely amazing and as '60s as possible. I am glad it is still there.

Perfect interior.

How cozy is that!

They were also dancing last time.

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