Wednesday 26 March 2014

220 Kopli 2007-2011

No pictures of Kopli so far, so here they are, but these are all pictures that I have. Kopli lies in northern part of Tallinn. It was a very beautiful area right next to sea, but until the Second World War only. After that, it was industrialised and because many workers were coming from Russia, this area has a higher Russian population (as some other areas in Tallinn). Since this area is considered more criminal than others, I have never walked there by myself. A pity, actually, I really should. Anyway, maybe I hadn't ever been there so far if I hadn't found a suitable companion to go there and take photos together (and enjoy the dereliction): a lovely and beautiful young lady from St. Petersburg! First photos are taken before that phototour.

I included other pictures than just buildings, they make the impression more clear, and also balance it.

From a car window. It can be everyday reality... There's another interesting sign far down.


View along tramway (from the beginning of Paljassaare peninsula).



Kopli peninsula.

Sickle (Sirbi)!

We walked to here and police passed us, it was probably a routine check that nothing bad wouldn't go on...

Perhaps this is entertainmentalillness?... The modern sickness taking down people every day? Especially young people. Or is it fenomenopause?... There are many places with such faces in this area, sickeningly smiling so there has to be some sort of sickness behind all that, isn't it?

How can people stand such brutal colour combinations?

Architectural detail is interesting. I have seen such in few other places, certainly in Tartu in Rahu street. There's another such seen above and below.

Not very nice, but certainly interesting.

Very nice!

Väike-Õismäe seen over Kopli bay. There are more photos like this in post nr. 213.

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