Wednesday 28 August 2013

177 Šmerlis and Jugla 24.04.2010

So, since I liked Rīga so much and I couldn't visit half of the blockbuilding areas last year, I decided to go back and see the rest of 'em! It was just amazing what I saw there. I see already that I should go there third time as well.

This time I got off the bus in "Alfa" in Brīvības gatve (meaning Freedom avenue). I wanted to walk into the center and visit brick- and blockbuildings during that walk. Alfa was located in Šmerlis area and I walked back to Jugla area from there (the bus passed the edge of Jugla and I already saw interesting buildings there so I wanted to see them closer).

Leaving Tallinn coach station at 8:00. (By now they are painted orange.)

Nice new architecture!

So that's where the name "Alfa" came from! Probably some (former) factory.

Marvellous new buildings! I like these a lot! I like the randomness they put in the facades, this is really nice and enjoyable!

Such a small place for IKEA?

Yea, balcony edges have splitted panels, splitted physically or visually - very usual in Latvia, but hardly seen in Estonia.

Wow, how beautiful!

Nice, a center called Tallinn! With Vana Toomas that is a wind arrow on top of the Town Hall in Tallinn.

These buildings are depressive. So simple an plain and in a row too close together.

White brickbuildings with some red brick additions - very common in Latvia, but not so much in Estonia. Probably because of Latvian flag -- they had a nice and simple way to present it in any building because the bricks that were in use were exactly either white/grey or red: colours of Latvian flag.

So these are white brickbuildings which have 9 floors!

Jacks Pots! How funny is that!

Nice new buildings again.

This sign looks different in Estonia.

My dear friend.

200 Mbps happened here only recently.

This street, Malienas iela, goes to the next living area called Mežciems.

And the first building of that area is visible.

Velnezers lake.

Mežciems building again.

I'll continue with Mežciems where I just arrived.

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