Wednesday 28 August 2013

175 Lüllemäe in 2013

Lüllemäe is a small place in Southern Estonia. There are similar blocks in Hargla, the next bigger place towards south. The name comes probably from Võro language where "lüll" means "gallows" (and "mäe" / "mägi" is commonly "hill", also in Estonian).


I arrived from the north and continued to Hargla that is straight forward (17 km) over the road. Blocks were on the left.

Nice memory from soviet time.

Looks interesting, can't remember any such...

And the other side.

And the other side.


Local old church that has been burnt down many times, but really badly in the Second World War. As I read from the information placard, this place has seen lots of wars and battles in the past because of the location.

Whatever... I was too lazy to go and see the information about it.

Local school.

That's the new church from 1995 or so, former warehouse of church.

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