Monday 24 June 2013

171 Obinitsa in April 2013

Yet another small village or town in Põlva county. This is one of the places in Setomaa.

That's what I saw far away.

Unfortunately I didn't visit this house nor the other one where they offered food.

Typical but nice 1970's.

Pretty unique one again.

This is the killer one! Look at this architecture! This is insanely... erm, awesome? It's the most unique block I've ever seen in small places in Southern Estonia!

After this was probably the edge of Obinitsa.

Again an example of concrete sides of balconies.

The other one was like a copy of the first.

The first one is on the right.

Local shop.

And local art on busstop.

Obvious Russian influence. That's how it is in this area.

Outside of Obinitsa, but close and notable. The graveyard was on the left.

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