Wednesday 17 April 2013

166 Mustamäe 02.06.2012

I did a very nice walk when I came back from Kaja culture house where I was given a little prize because of a photo in the contest (of Mustamäe pictures). Since I hadn't taken many photos recently, it just happened that I did a new series of photos of my dear dear Mustamäe. There is a lot of green here but that gives a real impression of what it feels like to walk around here.

I am very glad that they could put all new windows and refurbish the walls of this nice house. Colours are very nice.

How could I miss a photo with a trolleybus? I couldn't.

I really wanted to take photos of this because I hadn't done it before (after renovation).

I also couldn't miss such a beauty.

Surprise: I could get into one of the 9-floorers! That doesn't happen very often.

The tallest tower in Mustamäe.

Same photo? No way!

Even the beginning of Lasnamäe is visible!


Headquarters of Eesti Energia (Estonian Energy).

The sea and Kakumäe far away!

Old Town.

Very different from the ground.

As you may guess, this is school :) I'm glad that cats are not prohibited.

Nice park.

One of my favourites!

Magistral shopping centre after the renovation. It is certainly nicer, well done!

Vilde way.

Sütiste way.

Sõpruse avenue.

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