Tuesday 16 April 2013

163 Narva road dorms in Tartu, before and after, plus Raatuse dorm

Another change in time, and also a nice example of massive brick houses: students' dormitories on Narva road. I used to live in one of them up to the moment where I had to move out because they went under complete renovation. I remember that the last night I wanted to spend there was so awful, perhaps it was some official date of last staying there for all or something, that I had to move to my new apartment and sleep there. When I came back in the morning to take some more of my things, the picture was a shock: the floor covering plastic in the corridor was taken off, debris, bottles, trash, even some sinks were brutally smashed. I talked to the supervisor who was there and I was as shocked as she was. I will never forget that...

But here are the pictures.
One of my first pictures with my new camera. Narva road 25.

I did this from my balcony on the 7th floor. The scan is not very good here, there are some light areas. So this is Narva road 25 seen from Narva road 27.

On the same day.

Narva road 27. My window was on the bottom right corner of the upper left 3x3 square. I couldn't have remembered that but I had written that on the other side of the photo -- something that digital photos don't have so naturally.

"Terminal" party club was opened recently. I started collecting big ads from the walls of dorms because they were very artistic. I used them to cover walls of the different places where I lived. I still have them. House parties... I never visited one. The symbols, logos and design that surrounded this was really awesome.

A new dormitory was built on Raatuse street, very close to the Narva road dorms.

My purpose to take photo of this was that it was so artistic, nice, modern, stylish. Unfortunately they removed these later...

Raatuse dormitory is getting finished. I don't why they didn't push that part completely in.



The renovation is already going on. Narva road 25 became green.


And raatuse dormitory from the backside.

Narva road 27 became orange.

Both are seen in the background.

Here is the third dormitory on Narva road.

As we can see, it wasn't still renovated in 2012.

Surpirse: club called Tallinn :) The same place where Terminal was before.

So far it's the end of the story. There is one more similar dormitory in Tartu, in Nooruse street, but that has been somewhere in my previous posts.

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