Friday 16 November 2012

127 Nõo in 2010 and 2012

Now a very special place for me where I went to high school so I lived here for three years.

Since the school was my main purpose to go to see, many photos of that too. This is the primary school part.

Nõo Reaalgümnaasium: school hall on the left and dormitory on the right, built in 1972 if I am correct.

New addition of the dormitory that was built about 1997.

I know these doors very well.

Gymnasium part.

On the left is something that we called "arvutuskeskus", or "computing centre". There was an incredibly nice and cozy hallway between the school and that centre. Computer-related lessons were held there, computer classes were there as well. I remember those classes, they were amazing.

Computing centre.

Hallway and dormitory.

Computing centre.

The newer part of dormitory was actually partly local medical centre. The sign for this.

Stadium right next to the computing centre.

Walking forward.

Such a small place, how can I miss that church? Someone was ringing bells there.

One of two busstops, Tartu in one direction, Tõravere and Elva in another.

It was a hot day indeed.

That is already Tõravere which I visited two years later.

Tõravere busstop. The road goes to Elva and Valga.

Close to Elva, probably in Vapramäe.

Two years later I visited again my dear high school and got shocked! They demolished it!

Oh my club! The dormitory is as good as gone!

I did two short footages of the process.

And the second one, more dramatic I would say. Because I was right there when that part collapsed where I probably lived on the third floor (close to the falling down chimney).

Since the windows have been removed from the newer part of dormitory (and medical centre), it will be demolished as well, I think.

The very beautiful computeing centre and hallway are both gone, how sad!

We left the school and I wanted to take pictures of the local block-area.

Special one: see the asymmetry.

Strange one again.

Very beautiful view!

The most amazing view over there, such a great combination!

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