Friday 16 November 2012

124 Võru in 2007

So here is a more comprehensive commieblock tour that I did back in 11.10.2007. I really like this city, there are lots of blocks :)

This is one of the typical ones here. Very nice. Some of these are also available in Põlva, a neighbouring city.

Typical in smaller cities in Estonia.

Very beautiful oldie! Perhaps even from 1960's but at least from 1970's, not later.

The other side, just marvellous!

From a distance.

Some different looks, there are also many wooden houses.

Something pretty unique but still I have seen similar in Tartu and Laulasmaa.

Now some newer blocks, typical in smaller towns, from 1980's.

Very beautiful!

Reminded me Corel Draw.

My absolute favourite in Võru! Long balconies do miracles! One of the most beautiful oldies in the whole Estonia! Close to the lake too.

I'm happy that there are at least some few 9-floorers that are absent in Põlva.

This is so oldish that I couldn't miss it.

Inside the coach stations cafeteria.

Outside look.

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