Tuesday 12 April 2011

010 Väike-Õismäe 26.02.2006

I made this trip in the very same month I moved to Tallinn. What a fantastic trip that was... You can see by yourself. Väike-Õismäe is actually a circle, like a blossom of a flower and that's what the name of it refers to, "Small-Blossomhill". And there is a pond in the center of that blossom, and people walk around that.

Wow, what a gorgeous view, the entrance of Väike-Õismäe! Mustamäe is behind my back on the left.

Such a gorgeous view!


This is amazing!

Such a nice view in a nice sunny day... Golden balconys.

Nicely renovated!

That's the longest commieblock in Tallinn. You can see it in several forthcoming pictures. I measured it's length via Google Earth - 450 meters! I've counted the number of doors while driving along this building on a trolleybus and I think this number is 18. There should be 2 doors for one address so there should be 9 addresses of buildings included in the same building.

Yes, that's the long one!


Another kind of buildings, very beautiful!

Here you can see another kind of buildings, the red ones. Built by Russian soldiers as someone told me who lived in this area and saw it.

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