Saturday 8 May 2021

731 Kelmiküla 2018-2020

Construction progress of Telliskivi 60/2 and 60b (later other photos too).



This is the 60b part.


60/2 is finished.

The same part of the building as in the post nr. 543 at 09.07.16 (view to the opposite direction):

And going even more to the past: I took three excerpts from a video that I took at 11.07.12 when arriving to Tallinn by train and there is even older view of this building and the orange one in the background (was just typical grey):

Here is the same side view now...

... and the same view in the post nr. 543 at 09.07.16 (almost three years earlier):

Actually I couldn't believe my eyes when comparing but the tree and branches confirms that this really is the same building before, also the video excerpt confirms this.






60b is also finished.


29.04.20 other photos.


As Jaak Juske explained, the factories as big buildings were designed by other big buildings at the time: the churches. Hence the similar architecture. It looks like back then at the end of 19th century nobody could imagine building something so simple and bland as a cube-like factory: it took many decades, maybe over half century to reach this higher level invention so the old was suitably expanded to meet the new design standard as visible here.


It looks like something has happened to the colour of the orange building? Above photo at 27.04.19 shows it having the same colour, not two colours like here.

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