Tuesday 15 September 2020

711 Võru 22.08.2019

I started from Kubija.

View over Kubija lake.

I was heading to here! I saw this building on a book cover once and thought: how did I miss that so far? I checked the map: the map in the map book happened to be such where this part of Kubija was left out of map! Terrible. So I found this place using online map. Also, one can't see this hospital building from the roads because it's too far in the middle of the forest. Also, it is officially located in Meegomäe village, not in Võru. The border is the street that led to here.

And what an amazing building it was! Such a nice example of the massive architecture from that time, blended into the nature.

I haven't seen this before.

Back to the other side of the (once used) railway and trying to find another long street to a remote area of Võru.

The long Roopa street went through nature.

A soviet-time dairy, now owned by Valio. The blue tanks used to be white.

I'm sure this building and possibly others in this area were built for the workers of that dairy.

Close to the edge of town... Very similar to almost equivalent area in Põlva.

My spare battery of my camera ran flat here and I had to continue using my phone to take additional photos when getting back to the centre.

Tamula beach.

This is something very different.

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