Tuesday 13 August 2019

636 Võru 22.10.2018

Another nice walk in Võru, one of my favourite cities in Estonia. Starting from the coach station.

These look very good.

Many trees were taken down and a new square was under construction.

Võrumaa toidukeskus -- in case one gets there, there is a cheap eating place on the second floor, on top of the shop with some Navitrolla paintings (probably replicas, I didn't check carefully).

Hmm, on the left there is Estonian and English...

... but on the right, there is Estonian and... Dutch? Or perhaps Low Saxon?... (Or West Frisian?)... An unusual find indeed. Kuul om õkva tah samah ku õnnõ tiidä taht, no kiäki iks tiid. A ma naksi naarma ja lätsi edesi.


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