Monday 1 July 2019

633 Võru 12.07.2018, part 1 of 2

I had much time to walk around and see new places in Võru on the next day.

I started walking out of Kubija back to the centre and then further.

Somewhere near here was an interesting situation. I was walking slowly and tried to find more interesting examples to take photos of. Then I was passing a similar house to the previous and the next one and saw that the owner or an inhabitant of the house was also visible and saw me. I walked a bit further to turn around and take a corner view of that house but by that time, that young man had come to the street and was staring at me. I didn't take the photo because I avoid people on my photos. On the other hand, should I have asked him to get out of the picture? Who am I to ask anything like that from a possible owner of the house? So in these cases I just skip the photo. They may look at me very suspiciously but if they don't ask, then I don't explain what I am doing :)

My sweetheart was sleeping so cozily.

Before the next photos an angry man shouted at me from a distance, then came to me and was very much disturbed that I took photos of his house and stuff. He was afraid that I will put it up to the internet and then people come and steal his stuff. He even took a photo of me upon which I said I had put up my photo in the internet already, by myself. I also deleted the last photo or two although he didn't demand it. I think his fear was justified and I don't accuse him. Not a pleasant experience anyway but what can I do. I take so many photos anyway so losing some is not a problem.

Tamula lake.

The flag of Võromaa, valgõ katsakand rohilidsõ pääl.

At the corner of Koidula and Kreutzwaldi streets, the owners of the names being drawn on the house.

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