Thursday 6 September 2018

595 Haabersti and Rocca al Mare 2017-2018

There is a new building at Paldiski mnt. Many more photos of it below.


Rocca al Mare.
New Telia Eesti heaquarter building seen in the background, 3.7 km away.

A nice and cold spring walk. Starting off from Paldiski mnt. and walking along Vabaõhumuuseumi tee.

I was hesitating here whether to go and see these blocks closer or not. Eventually, I did go.

The building in the back is huge Rocca al Mare shopping centre. Huge in Tallinn scale, of course.

This one is quite nice although I can't stand the pink in general. I'd prefer something different here too.

The entrance of Rocca al Mare Open Air Museum.

Further photos from this walk are in the next post about Kakumäe.

Taken from Stroomi beach.

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