Thursday 6 July 2017

585 Haapsalu and Uuemõisa 2016-2017, part 2 of 3

Continuing 11.03.17 walk among Haapsalu blocks.

Surprise in the centre.

Following are the blocks in the very centre.

This side seems less regular.

This one is the best regarding colours out of the three similar blocks.

This is interesting and nice.

Also interesting and examples are present in Pelguranna in Tallinn, and at least one also in Mustamäe, but narrow windows don't make much better for those who live there.

Even the front side looks good. For me, this is the most interesting and nicest building here.

From here I walked to Kastani street block area. I took this view on the way because of this superb minimalism.

Typical blocks like in Mustamäe.

Such newer blocks are present more in North Estonia.

Balcony borders were made of metal!

Graffiti with the name of the street/area!

View to the left,...

... to the right...

... and to the centre! This view was very enjoyable one, such a nice atmosphere.

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