Saturday 18 June 2016

447 Lazdynai 18.04.2014, part 1 of 2

Before entering this wonderful area after having walked a lot in Karoliniškės, my back was hurting again so I had to choose whether to go back to the centre and sit and wait until evening, or lie down on the ground here and perhaps walk a little bit also in Lazdynai. I lied down in this in-between little grove on hill for an hour, it was warm enough. I saw that this was pretty close to the TV tower so people from there probably saw that some drunkard or homeless is sleeping... But this little rest helped so much that I could continue walking for hours and here is what I saw, probably most of Lazdynai.

Views from the hill were fantastic.

This is so unbelievably beautiful.

Probably the modern Vytis.

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