Wednesday 2 March 2016

411 Pärnu road 18.08.2007, part 1 of 2

Here are some photos of Pärnu road up to Järve center.

This is the back side of Kawe Plaza.

And the front part. Right at the moment of this posting that low building in the gap is being filled with a new building.

That burned house is gone by now.

This is probably view along Roosikrantsi street (which once hosted a tram line if I'm not mistaken, it probably went to the Town Hall Square).

Part of Kosmos cinema is visible. More photos of it in post nr. 334.

Tõnismäe street.

Liivalaia street.

Suur-Ameerika street.

This very nice building is also seeing some renovation at the moment.

Now, after the demolition of the old limestone house that was on the opposite of this (it probably hosted eating place called Tommi Grill) where now is new building of Estonian Statistics, the first floor of this building has been converted to public service, there is Tommi Grill and Rimi, maybe also Uuskasutuskeskus.

The demolished limestone building is on the left.

This new street was under construction -- before there was just lawn.

Buildings along Liivalaia street.

I went to see Tallinn-Väike railway station a bit further away from Pärnu road.

In the next post there are two other photos of the same car model -- three such cars so close.

I walked along Kauba street and other streets there.

Juurdeveo 19 was under construction then. View along Keava street.

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