Saturday 6 February 2016

407 Jõgeva 27.04.2014, part 4 of 4

This is finishing of my amazing trip to this nice town.

I got back to the centre.

That garden looked fabulous.

So nice to see these very specific kiosks from soviet time, even just standing and transported to another place.

That one looked abandoned.

Very nice curvy street between blocks.

Oh no, modernism lurks behind the corner... Give me just few more minutes in nostalgia.

Coach station and petrol station.

Few shots over the railway.

By the sign, this former railway station is now a shop.

As you've noticed, there's a lot of mentioning of "B. Alver". I don't read verses, except hers! They are as good as not translatable, so special and inventing new words on the fly to give feelings. Hence few out of topic photos about it.

This was the one and only place ever where I have heard the sound of young jackdaws or crows.

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