Wednesday 9 December 2015

394 Neuperlach in Munich, 20.10.2014, part 3 of 4

After the bridge I entered Neuperlach-Süd and finally saw what I was coming to see here. It was well worth it.

Das ist Ständlerstraße.

On the map, looking right (but to the left while on the bridge):

Zoom in.

I entered a nice and modern office complex.

This part looks somewhat older though.

Without realising, I entered the wall right at the Adenauerring. These and following red buildings are part of it.

A friend of mine was in a hurry.

What a chance for the owner of the balcony to do something nice with it but in reality, it doesn't quite look like that s/he has used the chance.

7 floors! View looks similar to Tartu, there are 5 floors (buildings along Kalda tee).

For comparison (16.09.12, post nr. 234):

Back to Munich.

Now, walking to the centre revealed the wall on the other side, at the Schumacherring.

And that was absolutely amazing, I had a hunch about it. 16 floors high wall!

Looking west.

The facilities in the centre were managed by a Catholic Church or some Catholic organisation. I think I saw some children learning inside so it could be a school too.

The full beauty of it.

Those should be from Adenauerring.

The backside was colourful.


That one looked quite charming.

It looks actually fantastic.

"I think I saw you last time in Tallinn."

Offtopic, but on the bridge, while taking photo of this halo, one passing woman also turned around and wanted to see what I am photographing over there. I hope she noticed, because the last picture, taken two minutes later, shows that halos are often left unnoticed and sometimes they disappear quickly, sometimes stay for hours. I've seen several times when I point to a halo and my friend or somebody sees nothing but clouds.

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