Tuesday 24 November 2015

389 Munich in 19.10.2014, part 2 of 4

I saw lots of "usual" architecture that could be also present in Tallinn, but it isn't. Like this view:

The design and colour of the logo of this hotel was übercool.

Conveniently narrow trees.

That part looks very interesting.

The strange device in the lower left corner was a bicycle-like machine where people sit around a table and crank all together to move on.

I got to the market area which was mostly closed this day.

Tihs building was really spectacular and of course I thought it's an old gothic church. But actually, this was much "smoother" house around 1900 somewhere and was "gothisised" later with all these details. It was or still is (partly) the place for the municipality.

There was one open inner yard of this building. The wall of the passage to there had this array of friendhip cities or something. Munich's own logo has a monk in it and Munich's name comes from old German, it meant "at the monks" or something like that.

This is the inner yard.

This can be ultra modernism of 1930's, but it can also be from 1960's, or a not so good example from 1980's or later. Their web page says "Seit/Since 1861" but maybe the house was built in 1950's.

These single square-like windows don't do any good for overall impression, rather opposite.

These 19th century or earlier (looking) houses have some strange elegance and feeling of closedness and prison at the same time.

This house was maybe destroyed in the WWII but rebuilt and the former decorations were just drawn as they were.

Next pictures are from Englischer Garten (English garden).

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