Thursday 27 August 2015

378 Kallavere 2012, part 2 of 3

Continuing the trip on 22.04.12.

Very nice colour combination.

This type of block is missing in Tallinn but there are similar in other areas of Estonia. It reminds certain typical blocks in Latvia.

A nice one!

Such flat areas are very enjoyable, especially with that type of houses from early 1970's.

There is one similar in Mustamäe, many such in Rakvere.

Another typical one, there is at least one such in Pelguranna in Tallinn.

Local landmarks, like in Väike-Õismäe.

There are similar in Astangu, Lasnamäe, Pelguranna (all in Tallinn).

Very strange. I wonder how this building looked like originally. I suspect it had 3 levels and was built at the beginning of 1970's, and wasn't that "deep" back then. It looks like all apartments facing this way got some additional space.

Very beautiful.

Entering the Stalinistic era area.

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