Friday 17 January 2014

199 Views from Tallinn's old city wall on Müürivahe street in 2012

Third post from Old Town. There are very nice views from this part of city wall that goes along Müürivahe street. Even the name of the street points to this wall. There are other parts of city wall too where one can walk on, like close to Nunne gate and close to Neitsitorn (Maiden tower). I highly suggest doing that, it is just so nice. For me, it was such a nice hour spent on that wall.

It wasn't my first attempt to get to walk on this wall! The first time I wanted to walk here was few years back and I discovered that it costed something and I didn't have cash. I told the "cashier" that I will go and take some money out of the machine, which I did, but coming back I only found closed door! Not nice at all. But this time I succeeded. There are many pictures that have same houses on them, but each one shows something interesting in details. I did some serious grouping of photos here so that it would look less random.

Viru hotel, City Plaza, Swissotel, Radisson Blu.

The backside of the nice houses on Aia street. Front side of these is visisble in post nr. 197.

View over Kalev Spa and swimming poool.

Steeples of St. Nicholas church and Town Hall, farther away is a Russian Orthodox church.

Such a great and sunny and peaceful moment in a medieval old town... Incredible.

This view is gorgeous!

De La Gardie shopping centre.

I can see you too!

I don't know what she was doing there...

Nice and stylish catholic church.

Rotermanni houses closer, Ahtri houses farther.

Müürivahe street.

The last tower was "Tower Behind Monks". This is also the alternative entrance to the wall.

It was one of the best experiences for me in Old Town!

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