Wednesday 6 February 2013

157 Ränilinn in Tartu

Nice blocks from a place called Ränilinn at the very edge of Tartu, 21.07.09. I remember that this place had a shop which was probably my first contact with a modern supermarket. Was it called "Räni pood" or something else, I can't remember, but in the first half of 1990's it was quite revolutionary, at least for me. Enjoy!

First, Institute of Physics is also seen from this place, I introduced that in post 49.

That supermarket that I mentioned above was located most probably on the very same place where this new supermarket is.

Wow, so beautiful blocks (or bricks)! Since the Institute of Physics is nearby, probably many scientists lived here and it could've been the reason why first houses were built here.

The backside of this beauty.

That's something unique and remarkable!

It's backside.

Utmost rarity: pickup version of Volga.

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