Monday 3 December 2012

131 New buildings in Raadiku street, Lasnamäe, 2009

I am glad that I found these new blocks. I was passing by on a car and saw them, probably not the first time though, and two days later I did a more comprehensive photo session. This is pure enjoy for neoblock-lovers! I like both, old and new.

Passing by on a car.

Isn't that gorgeous view?  New highrises in Tallinn! In Lasnamäe!

And buildings are so nice and modern!


A video with surrounding sounds.

New perspectives... It is so truly amazing look here, like a dream!

Why on earth do they build such only there where they were already built in soviet time? Why not to some brand new place where there is no other like that around? That would be even more awesome. Especially when they are higher, wider and there are many of such -- but pleny of space for daylight andn trees in between them. (Should I say here that Hong Kong Kowloon is one of my top favourites in this sense.)

From a neighbouring house. Amazing view.

I really should go there and take pictures of this area when it is completed. I've wanted to do that many times but there is so little time and I always forget about it, because there are so many areas in Tallinn yet where to go and take pictures of blocks.

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