Wednesday 21 March 2012

090 Rapla in 08.08.09 (part 1 of 2)

Before Kohila, I went to Rapla! I knew I had time and the commuter schedule was suitable, so my goal that day was Kohila, but I got 177 photos from Rapla as well. These are the first half of them. So many nice blocks... And such a brilliant weather!

But I start off from the railway station.

Now this one was something unique!


That was very very nice!

Oh yeah, I couldn't walk by without making pictures of these! I'll make a special post of these structures one day!

Unique block! The one above is not very usual either.

Isn't that a charming view?

A famous building by the architecture. Both the little pond and the building (some culture/concert house or something) have the same 8-gon base.

Somewhat usual, somewhat not. Not, because there are only two doors and it has four storeys.


Oh dear! I just recognized that there is one like that in Mustamäe, Tallinn! Wow! And, if I remember right, there may be some in Paldiski too, but I am not so sure.

Since it is not a very common type (as much as I have seen), I put Mustamäe version here too (25.03.07):

 Continuing with Rapla. Such a unique beauty again!

This dear woman asked me: "What have I done?" I said: "Nothing" :) Or something like that. I generally try to ignore people watching me making pictures of boring and ordinary buildings (for them), otherwise I couldn't make pictures of what I want. Oh, I've seen interesting looks on me during the years: amazed, curious, puzzled...

Gorgeous colours!

And then I entered a dedicated area for blocks (and people living in them)!

Pretty perfect!

Oh my sweetheart, why so dark look?

Wow, a perfect one again!

This was kind of a star, very well done!

To be continued...

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