Thursday 2 February 2012

079 Mustamäe in April 2008

Spring broke in!!!

My house is on the left.

Some nature in the middle of blocks.

Brand new renovation.

Very cool building!

In this day I wanted to go and buy a special screwdriver to demolish hard drives, but I had my camera in my bag, the day was beautiful, so here are the results :-)

The building of city-government of Mutamäe, in front of my house (100m on the right, not visible).

A dream of Mustamäe...

One of my favourite views.

Such an amazing row they've done here!

Nice! I made a picture of my own house where I moved in four months later, but in that day I had no clue of moving. It was my first time in this area. It was God's answer to my prayers that I could move and into this nice place.

One of the best views! Now it is in front of my house.

My house again.

One of the uniques, very beautiful, and old too. It has 7 doors!

The other side.

This unique one again. So beautiful!

That's a typical school. So nice!

It says "Forward!"

And finally, it turned out that the shop was closed in that very day! Ahh... But I got a nice series of pictures!


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