Sunday 30 October 2011

035 Mustamäe April and May 2006

After a long time I decided to continue showing my journeys in blockbuilding areas and of course I will show my dear Mustamäe first, in spring 2006. Spring is my favourite time of year...

I used to live close to this area. Such a nice and cool towerblocks!

This is one of the real beauties of Mustamäe!

Tallinna Raamatutrükikoda or something like that (printing house).

I had no idea back then that I will start living in this are after some years... These views are stunning!! Just the best!

Not yet renovated...

Amazing view!!!

From my window. I loved those sunsets a lot, I really miss them.

Like a concentration camp... But actually these buildings are part of a big scientific (information technology) complex in Mustamäe. Now they demolish some old and build new. Skype headquarter is also close to here.


This picture is a bit special. I saw a dream some time after I had seen these buildings and I saw that I opened this gate (the gate was not so translucent as this one though) and I saw a different time and different people from us behind that, they were in the past. Yea, in this side of the gate I was in a current time and on the other side there was past...

12.05.2006, Sääse-Siili areas (Gnat-Hedgehog areas).

This is one of the unique buildings in Mustamäe. So beautiful, but already renovated by today.

I like these unrenovated buildings... Well, at least outside.



Sõpruse (Friendship) avenue.

14.05.2006, Szolnok area.
Again from my window. I saw lots of interesting clouds from there.

Now these buildings are renovated.

And this one is renovated too. I am so happy that I could grasp it before that.

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